If your home is where your heart is, then mine is in the Land of the Midnight Sun: the Last Frontier.  It is here that I am finding Freedom in this journey of Motherhood and Homemaking.

Life is a journey, not an end product. There are many kinds of people and then there are those of us that enjoy the peace and freedom of being in this world but not of it. This blog is for those that want to experience a peaceful freedom that can only be obtained through setting aside of oneself to focus on the journey with Christ as the guide.

About Me…

My name is Jacki and my online alias is tundraJEM. I am an amateur writer, transplanted Alaskan, entrepreneur, occasional DIYer, homeschool group leader, homeschooling mom of soon-to-be seven children, wife to my amazing husband of 21 years, and above all, a child of a merciful and gracious God who loves me in spite of my unworthiness. My greatest passion is HOME: family, homeschooling, homemaking, Alaska, and Heaven: my eternal home.

How It All Began…

My first blogs were through yahoo’s attempt at social networking and Weather Underground. I coined a phrase for them: If your home is where your heart is, then mine is in the Land of the Midnight Sun: the Last Frontier. When those two platforms disappeared, I took a hiatus with the blogosphere still in the back of my mind.

In 2012, I started a WordPress.com blog as a place to share thoughts about homeschooling, glimpses of our life in Alaska, and thoughts about issues with family and friends in the Lower 48 as well as the rest of the world.  A year later, I got sidetracked into becoming a fill-in (and later full time) leader/organizer for our local homeschool group, NSIH, and working with a couple other wonderful people that became Alaskans Against the Common Core. My little personal blog got set aside as I put my energies into these other two entities.

As I worked with both groups, I came to realize that I have a lot of information to share with others but that those two platforms are somewhat restrictive in their audiences. I also realized that my passion and purpose aren’t being completely fulfilled. At the discovery of child number seven, it was impressed upon me that my passion and purpose is HOME – but not in the manner that most think. From His direction, lifeinthelastfrontier.net has been created to share with others the peace and freedom of following Christ in all things.

What It’s All About…

lifeinthelastfrontier.net is the chronicle of finding peace and freedom in this journey of life that all too often goes against the grains of society: against the “norm.”  To me, this means freedom from stereotypes and a freedom filled HOME of faith, family, friends, and creativity. My greater vision for this blog is to one day encompass the wisdom of others and share that here, too. I’m glad that you have decided to join me along this journey and I hope that you, also, can find your own freedom in the life that God has blessed you with.

Here at lifeinthelastfrontier.net you will find a selection of posts as varied as my own interests. These are a few of the topics that I write about regularly:

  • (HOME: Family – Parenting and Marriage)
  • (HOME: schooling & Education)
  • (HOME: Alaskan Adventures)
  • (HOME: Making – Frugal Living – Budgeting – Saving Money)
  • (HOME: steading — Modern-ish)
  • (HOME: Household Tips & Tricks)
  • (Special Days)
  • (Thoughts on Life – Current Events, Society, Politics)
  • Business

What It’s Not About…

I don’t write specifically about our family or travel guides for Alaska.

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