2015/2016 Curriculum

     We’re eclectic homeschoolers. It wasn’t always that way. Years ago, I used prepackaged curriculum and stuck to every piece unwaveringly. I wasn’t flexible and that created burn-out. In response to that overwhelming feeling, and partially in an effort to learn about flexibility, we tried a couple years of unschooling. Not quite my cup of tea, so I looked at and incorporated Robinson Curriculum and Eclectic Education Series. As time went on, we discovered that this style wasn’t quite what we wanted or desired for our children. It has taken our larger family several years to find what works for each individual child and our family as a whole. The answer comes in eclectic homeschooling; we take what works and fits from all of the different methods per subject. As a result, our curricular choices will differ from others in both big & little ways. What works for us won’t necessarily work for others and that is okay. If we wanted a one-size-fits-all style of education, we would send our children to a traditional school!


Here is what we have chosen to do for the 2015-2016 school year at Frontier Hills Academy:

  • Bible – The Weaver Curriculum, Kids of Character, Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home
  • Social Studies & Science – The Weaver Curriculum, EES, additional resources from The Well-Trained Mind
  • Language Arts – The Weaver Curriculum, EES, Handwriting workbooks, Natural Speller, Robinson Curriculum, Book-It
  • Math – Saxon, Interlock, EES, Everyday Number Stories
  • Latin – First Form Latin
  • Art & Music – integrated
  • PE – Recreational Ice Skating
  • Life Skills – Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home


My name is Jacki and my online alias is tundraJEM. I am an amateur writer, transplanted Alaskan, entrepreneur, occasional DIYer, home school group leader, homeschooling mom of seven children, wife to my amazing husband of 21 years, and above all, a child of a merciful and gracious God who loves me in spite of my unworthiness. My greatest passion is HOME: family, homeschooling, homemaking, Alaska, and Heaven: my eternal home.

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